Friday, April 26, 2013

Holy crap new HE rumors!

Dragons with wizard levels what?!

The source claims he has the book.  I will be updating this thread with new info as I find it!

Source #1
- Imrik is in the book and it rides a dragon with next attributes:
15,9,0,8,8,1,7,9 Saves:2+/5+, S5 template, Lvl 2 mage
- All dragons can choose Lore of Fire
- Banner of the World Dragon remains
- Book of Hoeth is renamed (same cost). Gives irresistible force with doubles and Loremaster
- There is an expensive weapon that gives +3S
- Dragon Mage wears dragon armour
- No dragons on rare units

Source #2
From sample army book

Teclis - down 25 points - can take all spells from a lore of magic or can take 1 spell from each lore
Tyrion - up 10 points but now cav -

Seaguard - drop 1 point

Bolt throwers - drop 30 points - no stat changes

Eagles - same points but can now be taken in units and have 2 upgrades available - Swiftsense and Shredding Talons

Flame Phoenix - WS5, S5, T5, W5, A3, L8 - 225

Frost Phoenix - WS6, S6, T6, w5, A4, L9 - 240

Star dragon - WS, S,T,W - all 7
Moon dragon - all 6
Sun dragon - all 5

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