Wednesday, May 2, 2018

X-Wing: Second Edition is on the way!

Feeling fresh.

Oh man, I'm excited.  I haven't played X-Wing in a while because the competitive meta was just so stagnant with all the health regen, turrets,and bombs.  Now that they rebooted the entire game, I'm really pumped to get back into it.

The official announcement is here:

There's a thread on the FFG forums that has all the consolidated info:

Here's a quick run-down of what changed and what didn't..

These things have not changed in 2.0:
  • Models carry over (some models may be re-released with new sculpts/paint/features)
  • Dice are the same
  • Range ruler is the same
  • Range bonuses and obstructions work the same (except turrets)
  • Templates are the same size -- but have a line down the center for alignment on nubless bases
  • Basic game flow (but phases are renamed; some new phases)
  • Maneuver driven by hidden dials plus actions
  • Actions include: Focus, Target lock, evade, boost, barrel roll, cloak, reinforce, jam, coordinate, rotate arc (specific action mechanics may change)
  • Upgrade slots: EPT, modification, title, torpedo, astromech, bombs, missiles, crew, system, turret
  • Some upgrades will still take two slots
  • Tokens (some art changes, shape): focus, evade, target lock, cloak, stress, tractor beam, jam, shield, ion
  • Conditions are still a thing (Director Krennic)
  • Setup Phase is largely the same

These things have changed in 2.0:
  • New phases/phase names ("Strategy Phase")
  • Medium ship bases (confirmed: U-wing, ARC-170, K-wing, G1A, Kimogila, Scurrg, Firespray, TIE Punisher, TIE Reaper, TBD)
  • The new templates have a centerline that aligns to hash marks on the base and assists with bumping.
  • Green maneuvers become blue 
  • Red actions which gain a stress after taking
  • Push the Limit is gone; some ships may "link" a first action into a second and gain a stress (example: focus into target lock linked action)
  • New tokens: Force, charge
  • Force tokens which power force abilities for some pilots; they may also be used to change one Focus result
  • Charge/surge tokens which power some pilot abilities and ordnance
  • Token shape now indicates when removed: "End of Round" tokens are round; square tokens have other triggers to remove (e.g. ion, stress) 
  • Evade tokens to not add evade results; they just change green dice to evades.
  • No costs on pilot cards or upgrades; these are in the squad builder app. Baseline is now 200 points.
  • Each ship base has a bullseye arc and quadrants marked
  • Turrets adopt mobile arc mechanics
  • Turrets also get ranged bonuses and penalties, Ordnance does not.
  • New upgrade cards are full sized, landscape
  • New upgrade slots: Force Abilities ("Instinctive Aim"), Configuration ("S-foils")
  • Resistance and First Order will now be separate factions
  • Firespray-31 is no longer Imperial; Scum only
  • New pilots
  • No upgrade bar; either use ship build cards from the core set or the squad builder app
  • Pilot skill is now called Initiative and goes from 1 to 6 [Wedge Antilles: 6]; no Veteran's Instincts or ability to change
  • Damage deck - new. Repairing damage is now a thing. New cards ("Fuel Leak", "Panicked Pilot", "Wounded Pilot"); only 5 Direct Hits in the deck now.
  • Regen exists, but is powered by charge tokens and nets a weapons disabled (R2 astromech)
  • Decimator gets Reinforce and a red Coordinate
  • Some ships have built-in abilities: Phantom (Stygium); TIE Advanced (Advanced Targeting Computer)
  • Ordnance appears not to spend target locks (e.g. Proton torps); 
  • Ion tokens: 1 for small ship, 2 for medium ship, 3 for large ship
  • Bombs can blow up obstacles (and do damage in the process)
  • New abilities will affect the Setup Phase
  • They will introduce new obstacle types
  • Shield levels have been reduced on many ships
  • Barrel roll is not adjustable; they use the hash marks on the bases for alignment.Barrel Roll now only has 3 positions per side (6 total) – makes Barrel Roll more inline with Boost as you only have 6 total positions.If you declare and action and you can’t do it (ie Barrel Roll would land you on a rock), you just lose the action now
  • There is a "range 0" for own ship abilities.
  • Target Lock is now just Lock – and you can Lock on to objects as well as ships (friendly and enemy).
  • Certain ships have different attack values for different arcs now.

Took inventory last night.  Looks like I'm going to have to do some massive trading when the game comes out.

3 A-Wing (2 Aces)
4 B-Wing (2 Aces)
4 T-65 X-Wing (Core)
2 Z-Wing
1 HWK-290
1 Y-Wing
1 E-Wing
1 K-Wing
1 YT-1300 (Heroes)
1 YT-1300
1 YT-2400
1 Sabine's TIE Fighter

3 TIE Interceptors
2 TIE Advanced
1 TIE Phantom
7 TIE Fighters (Core)
4 TIE Interceptors (Royal Guard)
4 TIE Interceptors (181st)
3 TIE Defender (Veterans)
3 TIE Bomber (Veterans)
1 TIE Advanced (Raider)
1 TIE Advanced Proto
1 TIE Aggressor
1 VT-49 Decimator
1 Lambda Shuttle

2 BroBots
1 Slave I
1 H-6 Bomber

4 T-70 X-Wing (Core)
1 T-70 X-Wing (Heroes)

First Order:
7 TIE F/O (Core)
1 TIE Silencer

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