Friday, December 4, 2015

Armada: Vassal tournament breakdown

And away we go!

Just keep in mind that I didn't post this originally.  It was done by a FFG user named Ardaedhel and he went over all the lists and wrote down some cool facts.

Here's what he had to say:

12 Imperial
15 Rebel

There are SEVEN of us playing Ackbar in this tournament:  by far the most-taken admiral.  Next-most popular is Motti, at 5.  Ackbar is obviously the new hotness; I think Motti is just popular right now because STAR DESTROYERS.  The one that really surprises me is the single Vader in the field.  I think he's really good, but maybe that's because I'm a Rebel and he's just good at projecting fear.

Rounding out the list, we have 3 each of Garm, Mon Mothma, and Ozzel; 2 Screeds; and 1 of each of the others.

Fleet point value
 - Mean: 394.7
 - Mode: 390
Pretty even spread throughout the 390's for initiative bids.  Five people swaggered in yelling "come at me, bro" at 400 points, while NebulonB was so confident in his 388 bid that he just posted his objectives for the world to see, since nobody will get to pick initiative over him anyway.  Overall, this is substantially lower than we normally see in my area.  I wonder how much of that is due to the publicly-posted lists... ;)

Activations run the gamut, with Ceryliae and Green Squadron brazenly pinning their hopes on 2 ships; while Biggs, Brozojoe, and JJs Juggernaut bringing 5 each.  Interestingly, no real Raider swarms, which I really expected to see.  Most people are running 3-ship builds (15), with several 4-ships as well (7).

CaptainICT's ten Rebel fighters and stripped-down ships let him out-deploy anybody else, which will give him the advantage he'll need in deploying those B-Wings and completely naked MC80 flagship.  Doobleg and Deadshane went entirely the other direction and sacrificed deployment for a monster gunline and a 183-point ISD2, respectively.  Otherwise, nothing too remarkable on the deployment front, with a pretty even spread between the extremes.  Of note, 12/27 players took an odd number of fighters, foregoing deployment considerations to get the specific fighters they wanted.

Points Ratios
This one I pulled out just cause I was curious.  A couple of the questions I see a lot from new players are how many upgrades and how many fighters they should take.  While obviously there's not a hard-and-fast answer, I'm curious to see the performance of the various ratios.  For now, overall ratios for ships to upgrades to squadrons are roughly 3/1/1:  61% of points were spent on ships, 22% on upgrades (including admirals), and 17% on squadrons.  The ratios in the lists vary widely, though.  I think there will be some more interesting data coming out of this section once we can analyze placing and MoV against it.

Only Doobleg was fool enough to bring no fighter screen at all(edit:  Rekkon, too.  Fffffffffff....).  I was nearly right there with him, before I chickened out a few days ago.  I'm definitely interested to see how you fare, though, because I like to think that all-ship is still viable.

On the other hand, we have about 8 people who are really leaning hard on their squadrons, with 6 lists over 100 points.  The only real Wave 1-style Rhymer ball I see is Reath28, which is a relief to me because I ******* hate them.  There are a couple of Firespray-centered Rhymerballs, though, which will be interesting to see.  I personally don't think Firesprays are as great as everybody else does, which means I'm probably wrong.  :)

Points Pinatas
There are a lot of tasty points pinatas in the field.  The award for biggest, meanest point dump goes to Qark for Darth Vader's ridiculous 184-point ISD2 Relentless of which I am, quite frankly, ******* terrified.  Honorable mentions go to the four-way tie for second place, with 2 ISD2's and 2 Command MC80's clocking in at 183.  You horrible people responsible for these atrocities, you know who you are.  :)

Ships Breakdown
A total of 92 ships of all types are joining the field of battle, 52 Rebel and 38 Imperial.  CR90A's are the most popular (not particularly surprising), with a total of 13 of them in play, followed closely by the Empire's 11 GSD-I's.  Three types are completely unrepresented:  AF2A (unsurprising, they're wasted points), Raider-II (also unsurprising), and the GSD-II.  I'm a little surprised nobody took the GSD-II, as it's been gaining popularity locally ever since the advent of a consistent squadron meta, but maybe it just hasn't caught on elsewhere yet.  The full breakdown:

13 - CR90A
11 - GSD-I
9 - ISD-II
8 - Raider-I
7 - MC80C, AF2B
6 - MC30S, MC30T, Neb-B (E), ISD-I
4 - Neb-B (S)
3 - MC80A
2 - CR90B, VSD-I, VSD-II
0 - AF2A, GSD-II, Raider-II


Overall, very cool stats to have.  Good luck again to everyone in the tournament!  My first game is probably going to be this weekend vs. an Ozzel ISD-II + triple Raider list.

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