Wednesday, September 3, 2014

VC: Undead elves are real

She can lead my army anytime.

Now that GW has officially confirmed the fact they exist, I'm going to add on some undead elements to my current High Elf army to make it into Vampire Counts.  I already have an asston of High Elves, all I need to do is get myself some undead elements and make it real.

  • I'm thinking about using my Spearmen as Skeleton Warriors.
  • Dragon Princes as Black Knights, although Blood Knights would be better.
  • Ghouls I will need to buy, probably Mantic Ghouls because they look great.
  • Dire Wolves I will need to buy as well.
  • Pick up some Hexwraiths because I love the models and they look very different than the rest.
  • I will need to pick up a Terrorgheist because there's not really a model like it.
  • New Spirit Host models are coming out, so I'm going to pick myself 3 of them.
  • Vargheists right now are a toss up, I might use them, I might not.  I gotta playtest more.

On another note, so what about those Undead Legions?  Being able to combine VC and TK will lead to a lot of crazy stuff.  Seeing how TK couldn't march before and now they can, do you think they will be more competitive?  What about the fact that Incantation of Desert Winds can now affect both TK and VC units? Would you like the ability to march twice?  Then put on a big bubble VDM?  Add in 2x Necrosphinx and a Casket of Souls and you have one potent list.

13 drops

Lv.4 Vampire Lord = 548
Lore of Vampires
Dark Knight, Quickblood, Red Fury, Beguile
Dragonhelm, Ogre Blade, 4+ Ward

Lv.1 Vampire BSB = 250
Lore of Vampires
Dark Knight, Aura of Dark Majesty, Beguile
Nightshroud, Luckstone, PoFools

33x Skeleton Warriors, FC = 195
30x Ghouls, Ghast = 310
5x Dire Wolves = 40
5x Dire Wolves = 40
5x Dire Wolves = 40

12x Black Knights, FC, BoSwiftness = 357
Spirit Host = 45
Spirit Host = 45
Spirit Host = 45

Casket of Souls = 135
Necrosphinx = 225
Necrosphinx = 225

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