Monday, August 25, 2014

The End Times is awesome

This is going to be epic!

I'm going to be straight up about this:  I think the End Times series that GW is doing is the best thing the company did in a long time.  Not only are they building up for the release of Fantasy 9th Edition, but they're doing it in epic style.  Literally, epic.  They are progressing the storyline, they're making it involve all the armies of the game, and they're doing it in segments similar to that of FW's Horus Heresy.  There's going to be awesome model releases, followed by rules, alliances and the ability to take a much more epic army.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm actually very excited about the upcoming schedule.  My latest sources tell me it's going to unfold like this:

Endtimes will have 4 Books:

  • Book 1 will release Late August
  • Book 2 with Chaos releases in October.
  • Book 3 with Skaven releases in January.
  • Book 4 with other Forces releases in March.
  • Shortly after this WFB 9th Edition arrives. The Rulebook releases at the same time of year as 40k 7th did in 2014.

I might actually go around rebuilding that mono-Slaanesh DoC army if they finally release new plastic kits for the Keeper of Secrets and Fiends.

Get ready folks, between these epic releases and Dark Eldar sometime this year, I'm going to be dropping some cash and making a ton more posts.


Yrellian said...

I feel like they need more focus on the Elven Kingdoms and their influence upon the world events. Its always chaos this, and vampires that. Just saying, Dark Elves mess with people all the time.

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