Friday, August 22, 2014

The End Times are coming!

All green and stuff.

Here's the current news on the street:

The Dark Brothers are stronger than ever before, and the old gods fade. Only in death will any respite be found.

In a land of mist the mountains will tremble and the sea turn black. The Wind of Shyish will blow once more, freed from its eternal prison.

Divine blood will flow, kings will fall. Mankind must choose between death or damnation.

The Reign of Millions of Years will end, the great exodus will begin.

So what does this actually mean?  Based on what we already know..

  • Dark Brothers = Chaos Gods.
  • Only in death = necromancy = Nagash making a come back.
  • In the land of mists = Ulthuan.
  • Wind of Shyish = Amethyst = Death lore.  Very dark, very Nagash.
  • Divine blood will flow = High Priests/Kings of Khemri.
  • Kings will fall = Settra.
  • Death or damnation = Mankind will either be dead/undead or Chaos.

With all that said.. we will see another Chaos uprising after Nagash gets his.  Hopefully, this means Greater Daemon models finally.

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