Sunday, November 24, 2013

Revisiting Firestorm Armada

Check out this badass battleship!

In December, Spartan Games is going to release Firestorm Armada 2.0.

This is what has been advertised:
  • Distinct play styles across the core races
  • Greater tactical diversity, including new ‘Tactical Ability Cards’
  • Targeted Strikes to take out key systems on an enemy ship
  • Faster and deadlier rules for Carriers and their Short Range Spacecraft
  • New Fleet Building systems, presenting you with more options and tactics
  • Rules for dynamic moving Terrain
  • Smoother Boarding Assaults
  • Brand new Weapon Types to crush your enemies!
“It was very important to us to ensure that as we moved to version 2.0 of the rules we catered for the needs of our existing players. It was key to remain loyal to their gaming needs and the investment they had made in our models,” explains Chris Worth, lead designer of FA 2.0. “Gamers needed to feel like they were playing the same game, but at the same time we had to introduce all of the new concepts they wanted.”

Aquan Prime Patrol Box

Sorylian Collective Patrol Box

The Directorate Patrol Box

Well, what can I say:  The new ships look amazing and the proposed rules fixes are spot on.  This time around, I'm more excited about the Sorylian and Directorate ships than the Aquans.  I know a few guys in the club are looking at expanding their ships as well.  Hopefully the new rules fix everything that was lacking in the first ruleset.

You can read more about how I feel about the matter here.


Drakus40K said...

Well, as one of the Firestorm 2.0 beta testers, I really hope you like it! Spartan has been great about listening to the test group recommendations. While no game is perfect, this should be a fairly tight ruleset.

HERO said...

Oh joy, greetings there! Have you visited this blog before? I absolutely love good games with tight rulesets. As long as what was advertised is delivered, I'm sure I will enjoy the game. I actually wrote a short blub on the SG Firestorm forums about how I feel about the new changes. Check it out there :)

Thomas Mills said...

I seriously want to get into this game but there isn't anyone around who plays it and I dobt know which two races would work well together to get my friends interested.

Drakus40K said...

There will be a Terran/Dindrenzi two player starter set that is currently up for pre-order. It's a pretty decent deal, and comes with a full version of the rulebook, as well as two starter fleets. I'd run with that if you're trying to get people interested. You'll probably want to grab a couple more squadrons to flesh out the basic fleets though.

Dindrenzi are very "point & shoot", and use railguns (Kinetics) for good long range firepower, but aren't so great at close-quarters; no shields, they rely on armor. The Terrans are close range brawlers, and are heavily shielded (they have the best shields in the game).

Other "easy to play" factions are the Sorylians- great close ranged firepower using scatter guns; and the Directorate (literally an evil corporation), with heavy turret usage and cyberwarfare attacks.

Drakus40K said...

Hey Hero. I found your forum post, and have since replied. I think you'll be happy with the results of FSA 2.0.

Thomas Mills said...

How do the aquans play? I love the look of their ships along with the directorate.

Napoleon8 said...

How are player turns set up in Firestorm? I go you go? Or do players
alternate units? Also, does the game account for a Z-axis at all or is
mostly just 2 dimensional? I really like some of the new models they are
popping out. Terran and Dindrenzi especially.

Apologised said...

Sort of like Eldar in BFG if that's any help. Very fast, lots of Fighter capacity, very maneouverable and excellent range. They generally all have DR ratings higher than usual and less HP but their lighter stuff can sometimes be lacking attack dice. Plenty of Energy Focus floating around to mitigate that though.

Special note has to be given to the their Cruisers, which can turn on a dime, punch out loads of dice, can take an upgrade that means you only hit them on 5+, and come in squadrons of 4. VERY punchy, hard to kill and able to get everywhere your opponent doesn't want them to be.

Personally I'm not terribly impressed with their Frigates and other light stuff, but your own experiences may vary.

That's my impressions anyway.

Apologised said...

Alternate units. It doesn't really account for Z axis other than by having ships capable of flipping over so if their port guns are damaged they can fire the starboard ones instead. You can also fly over planetoids, but you can't stop midway, or you'll crash.

As for the new models, I'm liking more or less what I'm seeing, but I'll save on passing judgement until I see the model in the flesh so to speak.

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