Sunday, August 4, 2013

Bought into Nomads for Infinity

A pretty nice looking army.

A lot of Infinity players in my area lately, so I figure why not.  I like the look of the models the most out of all the factions and I think that's enough to start playing the game.  This is the third time or so I've looked over the game rules in the last couple of years so why not, let's write a list.

 Nomads | 10 models

 Reverend Custodier Lieutenant (38|0.5)
 Intruder HMG (44|1.5)
 Intruder Sniper (52|1.5)
 Prowler Spitfire (37|2)
 Zero Minelayer (19|0.5)
 Tomcat Engineer (22|0)
 Tomcat Doctor (22|0)
 Riot Grrl Multi (37|0)
 Wildcat BS (19|0)
 Alguacil Combi (10|0)

300/300 points | 6/6 swc
open with Aleph Toolbox  : direct link

What you see here are various tidbits of models I bought to make what I think will be a solid list.  The Reverend Custodier is my Lt. and hacker.  I'm hoping the extra order will help me with hacking and the ODD will give me a little extra protection.  The free Lt. without any SWC is also very welcome.  My main damage dealers come from my Intruders with their MV2, CH and solid BS of 13.  One carries the HMG, the other the Sniper and together with my Spitfire Prowler, they'll be the main damage dealers.  The Zero Minelayer will make his way around the map dropping mines and helping me setup kill lanes while the Tomcats drop in to kill enemy cheerleader/hiding units.  The Riot Grrl is there with her Multi simply because I think her model is cool, and I guess PH13 + Hyper-Dynamics Lv.1 helps too.  Wildcat with the Boarding Shotgun also gives me a Deployable Repeater, and the Algucail with the Combi-Rifle just helps out with maxing out my orders.

There you go, 300/300 with full SWC.  Not a bad list I'd say so myself!


quaade said...

Having the Rev. being both Lt. and hacker can be both very awesome and very dangerous depending on what you're playing against since, for anyone who brings power armour, hackers are an automatic KoS.
And losing both a hacker and your Lt. in one swoop hurts like a mf.
Also, Ariadna exluded, everyone have a way to bring MSV2 which nulls your ODD

Akri said...

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Certs said...

First, a consideration If you're looking to cut down on costs - the Riot Grrl, Wildcat, and Alguacil current WYSIWYG loadouts (without proxying) would require you to purchase box sets that'd leave you with a number of spare models left over.

One way around this would be to seek out Chokonnit's Split Box Deals on the Infinity Forums, he's one of the few vendors I know who breaks apart those box sets so that you can get individual models inside (demand pending).

Also, the Alguacils, and possibly the Intruders are rumored to be getting resculpts soon since they already both got one for one of their loadouts included in the Corregidor starter. In case you want to hold off for those rather than getting the older models.

In regards to the LT hacker, I usually end up using either a Custodier or Interventor as well, just part of the breaks usually in Nomad listbuilding, but you do have the alternate choice in this particular list with your Wildcat, who's LT option costs the same, even though his weapons do change.

It's not a mandatory change, but an open option in case the Custodier does become a target off the bat - and I wouldn't worry too much about MSV2, more often it's the auto-hitting, inexpensive direct template weapons that'll be the problem. Luckily, for both those threats, her Marker is the real goodie as it gives her massive hacking range while being able to keep out of sight altogether.

Maine said...

One concern is that your Lieutenant can be obvious to those who know the army, even without reading your posted list, as it's the only model that could be one. Consider swapping the Wildcat for a Combi Rifle (generally more useful) for the same cost, and now you have two potential Lieutenants.

When it comes to scenarios you only have 2 Specialist troops - your Lt, and your Engineer. If a different model was your Lt, then your Custodier, being a Hacker, would still be a Specialist Troop, and your Lieutenant can too..

If you buy any box sets and have leftover models you might want to sell or trade then hit me up, I may be interested in something. I also have a Zero w/ Combi Rifle still new in blister I could trade you, as I have not yet made any plans to use it (not allowed in my Corregidor list).

hutu marcel said...

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Timbucktoo said...

Such a good game

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