Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ready for Eternal War

Rot, Glorious Rot!

Yup, I said it.
Here's what I'm currently building to:


Typhus = 230

35x Plague Zombies = 150
7x Plague Marines (Rhino, PF, 2x Plasma Gun) = 258
7x Plague Marines (Rhino, PF, 2x Plasma Gun) = 258
7x Plague Marines (Rhino, PF, 2x Plasma Gun) = 258

6x Terminators (MoN, 1x CF, 6x CbM) = 266

7x Havocs (MoN, 4x Autocannon) = 162
7x Havocs (MoN, 4x Autocannon) = 162
2x Obliterators (MoN) = 152
ADL w/ Quad-Gun = 100

I already have the Plague Marines, but I need my god damn shipment of Terminators to come so I can start converting them into Death Guard.  Anyone got any ideas on what to do with the Autocannons?  I need to make 8 of them for my Havocs and I'm not sure how.

The idea here is simple:  7s everywhere, Havocs behind the ADL with Quad-Gun joined by the Oblits.  The huge unit of 35x Plague Zombies will go somewhere to claim, contest or hold down and objective, and the Plague Marines will just roll up and be badasses.  No Epidemis and Plaguebearers, sorry.  I'll try to stay away from the cheese until DoC get released in the near future.  Who knows what will change?

Now here's a funny question... Typhus' Zombies rule makes it so Cultists can't take any options.. does that mean I can't increase the squad size either.

If I drop the Plague Zombies, I might just take an extra Oblit and add more Terminators!


Kyrios said...

One of the BOLS guiys have a pre heresy death gurad where the autocannon devs are copnferted from lascannons. Looks quite nice and easy. Mayde drop 1 zombie so they also are a multiple of 7 :)

HERO said...

What do you mean? haha, 7x5 = 35!

Reid said...

I'm looking at doing a list like that. I'm thinking of doing Epidemius as an ally and no Typhus.

guy said...

Under Typhus' rules it says you can't take any options for the zombies. Additional models for the unit are part of the options in the army list. Any idea how TO's will rule on this until it gets an official FAQ? Seems silly if you can't bulk up the unit, but as written and all that, looks like you're stuck at 10 man units.

Dascor said...

Yeh, i had this one pointed out to me as well yesterday. Blob squads of 10 till its FAQ'd it appears (as I was told)

CJ said...

Still having 3 x 10 fnp guys is great for the scoring potential :)!

sonsoftaurus said...

You'll be able to increase squad size. Don't worry about that.

But, given how poorly that whole thing is written, you have another tactic you could use. The zombies can't take options, but it doesn't say they lose their ballistic skill. So you could use them to sit on an objective and use the quad gun at the same time.

Xodis said...

Seeing as how the rules state that any guns they have are simply for using as clubs, I think your stretching the cheese pretty thin there. It might not specifically say they can't use placed weaponry, but that is clearly what was intended.

Xodis said...

It says you can nominate a squad there for you must have one first. So if you use the options of the squad before you turn them into zombies you should still be able to take more troops. Yes this an argument of FAQ but I think most people agree that zombies are suppose to be taken in large squads, that's almost the definition of zombies. If GW wanted small squads they should have came up with a better name for the squads other than zombies.

sonsoftaurus said...

Flavor text. They could have solved all these issues by just saying that zombies cannot shoot.

FoxPhoenix135 said...

Until FAQ'd, it's ten-man squads only if you are going by RAW. If your gaming buddies don't have a problem with it, run your list as it is anyway, because that is clearly how it was intended. Right now though, I only use them if I am running a Plague marine list and want to fill an empty 50 points or so.

ianlogsdon said...

I made 2 autocannons for my predators recently:

Basically, I took some brass tube (which i found at hobby lobby, its also occasionally possible to find at a hardware store, but this stuff is fairly thin so id look for that). Plasticard tube works too. I used the gargoyle heads from the chaos vehicle sprue. If you don't have any around, you could check ebay, they are usually available. I then greenstuffed the back portion.

If you have heavy bolters lying around (and lets face it, anyone who buys the csm sprue does), I would cut the barrel off, glue brass tube in its place and top it with a gargoyle head. You can greenstuff some detail and add a drum feed on the side in place of the weapon's belt feed. Maybe grenstuff an icon of nurgle onto the ammo barrel for a little detail. I like to use a section of sprue that has been filed into a curved shape.

paint it rusty and tada, autocannon.

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