Saturday, October 27, 2012

Playing some MTG

RTR is amazing!

If you guys were wondering where I've been.. I've been playing quite a bit of competitive Magic.  There's a lot of players at work and although I try my best to stay out of FNM, I might go next week with my UW Control deck.

So right now, I have 2 decks in the works.  There's my GW Aggro deck and UW Control.  Personally, I've always felt home with blue due to my permission-based playstyle, so I tend to play that deck a lot more.  Here's what my decks currently look like:

UW Control
GW Aggro

I can't wait for next set to release the rest of the guilds; Dimir being my favorite from the set and Boros in close second.  RTR is by far the most fun I've had with Magic in years.


Dalinair said...

seems quite an upsurge in players for magic lately, ravnica has done a great job in stiring things up with some fantastic cards. I have a similar selesnya deck myself though its mainly build around thragtusk, Sublime Archangel must have cost you a fortune, I want some for my black white exalted deck but ebay pricing them the wrong side of £15 quid each isnt fun!

Epicurus said...

Your GW aggro deck looks really solid. I'm not quite as sold on the control deck. What are the 3 ghost quarters for? They don't seem to disrupt manabases as much as I'd like.

HERO said...

Hits Caverns and Vault of the Archangel mainly.

Epicurus said...

Good reasons. My area sees little of both.

HERO said...

Just gotta hunt eBay for them for a bit. I got mine for $53 USD for 4 :) Lucky I guess!

Stephen King said...

MTG was entertaining, just too random for me. Not to mention a bit of an exclusive club if you play unlimited. Still, I like that white got a major boost in the last couple of sets. It's about time.

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Kevin Fröhlich said...

yeah, Magic is a great game. A lot of people seem to enjoay it once again lately, famous gaming youtubers like Totalbiscuit are promoting it as well. I remember even winning some minor tournaments in my country when i was a teenager, but i feel like there is too much randomness going into it. You can lose to a lesser player anytime just because you have bad luck with your hands. But that is possible in almost any competitive game i guess.

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dusemand said...

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