Thursday, August 2, 2012

Build-A-Hero Part I

Sup bro, wanna go?

Here's a little game that's both fluffy and fun.

I had a talk with one of my friends on who I would be from any codex in the 40K universe.  The only rules are that you must be able to build him from a 40K codex.  I think our next step is to physically build the model and paint them for use in our games.  That way, you can actually be on the battlefield!

Here's me..

Wolf Lord, Runic Armor, Belt of Russ, Frostblade, Wolf Tooth Talisman, Wolf Tail Talisman, Meltabombs, Saga of the Warrior Born

For now, don't write the points out on your dude.
Why?  Because there's a Part II coming to this exercise that you guys will love.

Hi, I'm a Wolf Lord from the Space Wolves Chapter.
Who are you?


Reid Hughes said...

I would be the Emperor's Champion. I mean they're kind of meh in the codex now, but they are baller in the fluff. And I happen to be working on a new one now.

Kevin Suttell said...

Hi my name is Kevin and I'm a Grey Knight Grand Master.
Always been a HUGE "fanboy" of Grey Knights even way before Ward got his filthy hands on them.
I can picture my character wading into a sea of multi-colored daemons, blessed Nemesis Daemon Hammer rising and falling, smashing aside all before me while setting them on fire with my Incinerator.
Grand Master, Master-Crafted Nemesis Daemon Hammer, Incinerator, Blind and Rad grenades, and a trio of servo-skulls.

taipan567 said...

Tech-Marine, warding stave, rad+psychostroke+blind grenades

I find my repair work, (a consequence of our increased deployments of Brother-Ancients in Mortis pattern), constantly disturbed by annoying enemy assault units. Using my two natural limbs and servo-arms, I am able to conduct my rites and still fend them off with a variety of potent grenades. Vainglorious enemy champions find their weapons blunted against my staves' overlapping refractor fields, before I bury the stave in their brain and snuff out their pathetic souls. The more heavily armoured I delay until my servo-arms can remove the offending limbs/organs.

Graham Baxter said...

Hey, I'm a Wolf Guard Pack Leader; Terminator Armour, Thunderhammer and Storm Shield so I can bulwark wherever and whenever I'm needed. Not the fastest, but it's going to take anti-tank weapons to take me down and hurt the guys I'm protecting. Fear my hammer.

Abakus said...

I'm a Haemonculus, with an Agonizer, a Hexrifle, and a Webway Portal. At this point, I'm not an Ancient, but I do have a number of pets waiting on the other side of that portal!

Rathstar said...

I'm an Archon with Husk Blade, Poweraxe, Dijin Blade, Soul Trap, Shadow Field & Haywire Grenades. It's all about the the tools to capture any soul to invigorate me to even greater heights of artisitic slaughter.

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