Friday, January 27, 2012

You are what you play?

Well, I'm not really running any experiments, but I'm just really curious what everyone thinks about this.  Do your personality resemble the personality of your army?  If so, what facet?

I'm just curious because I've noticed the following things on the following forums... and please don't kill me if you take this personally because it's just a surface observation.  It should be taken very generally.

On the Lizardman forums (Pyramid Vault and Lustria Online), I've noticed that the discussions that people have are of higher-leveling thinking.. always mathhammering in nature and methodical in arguments.

The Ogre forum.. Ogre Stronghold, has a strong hint of Might is Right, a Just do it! attitude.  I get an overall sense that players just want to push models forward and bash things, and encourage others to do the same.

Dark Elves from Druchii on the other hand, are not as emo as the High Elves on  I thought this to be the other way around but the High Elf players tend to be a lot softer in comp and outright hate their tools of power (Book of Hoeth).  The Dark Elves, on the other hand, have no problem preaching about the Hydra, Stubborn Lord, Sac Dagger, the Cauldron or Wych hordes.  Personally, I'd say I fit under the black sheep, dark secret of High Elf players.  I favor power and I despise the weak.

The Wood Elves on and the Bretonnians on Roundtable has seen better times.  However, this doesn't stop them from trying.. and that't always a good sight to see.  Despite the whine threads every now and then and the endless wishlisting (rightly deserved!), both these forums work hard to deliver wins as notably weaker armies.  I think this is an inspiration.

Lastly, we have Carpe Noctem, the last racial forum that I frequent.  As VC players, they're a tenacious bunch.  They realize that playing with the same GGstar + Drakenhoff has given them a bad name over the years and they're working hard on digging themselves out of the grave.  I think it's great to see the community working together and providing feedback on optimal playstyles and lists.  I would say that there's an increased number of Heavy Metal and goth-loving people on that server (just looking at avatars and various band iconography).

What do you think guys?  Isn't this an interesting observation?  And yes lol, I have been to all these forums and interacted with the community.

PS - Would you guys like it if I did podcasts for army book reviews instead of actually writing it out?

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