Sunday, January 15, 2012

2500pt VC army brainstorm

Alright guys, gloves off.  I have enough models to make it happen, so now it's time to proxy a few games and see how I do.  However, there's some stuff I want to go over first.


Vampire Lord = 433
Lore of Vampires
Red Fury, Quickblood
Knight, Ogre Blade, Dragonhelm, 4+ Ward, PoFool

Lv.3 Master Necro (Book of Arkhan) = 190
Lore of Vampires

Vampire = 210
Lore of Shadow
Aura of Dark Majesty, Fear Incarnate
Knight, Enchanted Shield, Scroll

60x Skeletons (FC, Spears) = 330
29x Ghouls (Ghast) = 300

40x Grave Guard (FC, Banner of Barrows) = 520
8x Black Knights (FC, Screaming Banner) = 263

The first thing you'll note is that I have 250 points left to play with. After careful, careful consideration, I decided to take out my Blood Knight bus for a smaller Black Knight filler group. They cost almost half the points of the Blood Knights and they get to carry the Screaming Banner into critical battles. Not to mention I can also res a whole bunch of them at once. I firmly believe that the Vampire Lord and the Vampire themselves will be able to put out enough damage by themselves.

The Lord's shortbus now carries the Fear-bomb combo: -1 Ld, no BSB re-rolls on Fear tests (or re-roll successful ones), 3D6 discard the lowest Fear test.

For a perspective, it looks something like this:

I've run the numbers for the screaming banner/fear incarnate combo (add aura of -1Ld if you will) and these are the odds of failing the fear tests for different. First number is without the rerolls (the enemy is close to his BSB) and the second is with the rerolls:

Ld10: 0.2 - 0.36
Ld9: 0.36 - 0.59
Ld8: 0.52 - 0.77
Ld7: 0.68 - 0.9
Ld6: 0.8 - 0.96
Ld5: 0.89 - 0.99
Ld4: 0.95 - 0.999..
Ld3: 0.98 - 0.999..
Ld2: 0.99 - 0.99999....

I'm also running 40x Grave Guard with HW/S for durability and killing power, and I feel confident with their ability to stay in battle and do damage with Van Hels, Book and hopefully more castings of it from my Lv.3.

Now, I have 250 points left over and I'm not entirely sure what to take. There's so SO many good options! That's why I need your help and your logic to why. Here are my options:

1. Terrorgheist (+1 extra deploy)
Giant T6 6W creature with Death Shriek. Threat value, pretty damn high.

2. Spirit Host, Spirit Host, Spirit Host, and a Cairn Wraith (+3 deploy)
3x solo Spirit Hosts act as great Ethereal road blocks that can hold up Great Eagles, Light Cav, even bigger Cav units in general indefinitely. Cairn Wraith actually does damage and has Terror.

3. 2x Cairn Wraiths, Necro w/ Staff of Damn (0 deploy)
More magic, can also carry a scroll to give the Vampire a Dawnstone for 1+ re-rollable. 2x Cairn Wraiths for road blocks that actually do damage.

4. Black Coach, Cairn Wraith (+1 deploy)
Black Coach, T6 3+ armor save, 4+ Ward, Terror-causing chariot that can get really big if you roll silly. Cairn Wraith as a filler.

5. 5x Cairn Wraiths as rare (+1 deploy)
250 points of standard face roll Ethereal Great Weapon dudes.

6. 5x Hexwraiths, Spirit Host, Spirit Host (+3 deploy)
Hexwraiths to do damage, 2x Spirit Hosts to mess with deployment.

7. 2x Bat Swarms, 2x Cairn Wraiths, 1x Spirit Hosts (+3 deploy)
Bat Swarms flying behind your units to provide ASL once your units get into combat. Cairn Wraiths for added damage and roadblocks and Spirit Hosts for a speed bump.

8. Add a Wight King BSB somewhere, take Spirit Hosts and Bats. (+2 deploy)

These are just the combos I can think of right now, but I'm really curious what you guys think.  Keep in mind you can mix and match any of these that costs low enough. Also keep in mind that this 250 points left is the most important part of the list. Lots of options.. but the most important goal of these last few points is to provide flexibility in an all-comers list.  This means a balance between roadblocks, re-directors, power-hitters, stronger magic, or any of those mixed together.  The ultimate question is:  What's the best?

What say you guys?

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