Friday, July 29, 2011

My MTG decks

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Since the Magic phase is continuing, here comes a post dedicated to my decks:

Blue Illusions

Main Deck:
23x Island

4x Phantasmal Bear
4x Lord of the Unreal
4x Phantasmal Image
3x Adaptive Automaton
3x Phantasmal Dragon
3x Grand Architect

4x Spell Pierce
4x Vapor Snag
4x Mana Leak
4x Ponder

4x Spreading Seas
4x Mental Misstep
4x Into the Roil
3x Flashfreeze

I like aggro and I like control, so the deck above showcases both of these to its fullest.  Blue is often considered a pretty control-heavy style of play, but I like being able to dictate the ebb and flow of the battle.  In card games, this is known as tempo.  The purpose of this deck is to be able to drop down cheap and effective creatures while providing them with ramping +1/1 buffs and hexproof.  Since the Phantasmal Image can copy the LotU and Adaptive Automaton, I am able to pump out these buffs like crazy.  Phantasmal Dragon is there to punch people in the face with Flying and Grand Architects buff my creatures while putting the Automatons on the board faster.

As for control, I'm running 4/4 Spell Pierce to Mana Leak for counterspells, Ponders for card draw and manipulation and Vapor Snag for creature bounce.  A lot of people don't run Vapor Snag but I think that's a huge mistake.  Blue has problems dealing with bigger creatures or creatures that can block and trade so bouncing them is the best option.  It acts almost like a counterspell for creatures because they can't tap out and play big creatures without getting sent back.

The sideboard here is pretty standard.  Spreading Seas helps takes care of lands that can possibly block your tempo and choke other decks out of mana.  Mental Misstep gives me protection against 1-drop weenies or creature destruction (such as mono-red or white) and Into the Roil gives me additional bounce.  This deck's biggest problem is equipment and creatures so additional resets are always appreciated.  Flashfreeze is there just for Red/Green hate.

White Knights

Main Deck:
23x Plains

4x Student of Warfare
4x Knight Exemplars
4x Mirran Crusader
4x Squadron Hawk
3x Hero of Bladehold
2x Baneslayer Angel

4x Honor of the Pure
4x Brave the Elements
3x Swiftfoot Boots
3x Oblivion Ring
2x Angelic Destiny

4x Celestial Purge
4x Kor Firewalker
3x Divine Offering
3x Day of Judgment
1x Oblivion Ring

This is my Knights deck with an angelic twist.  The Student of Warfare is a powerful starter since he can go up to a 3/3 with First Strike on turn 2.  Knight Exemplars apply +1/1 to all my Knights and make them Indestructible.  Mirran Crusaders have Double Strike and when they're equipped with Angelic Destiny, things just get ridiculous.  Hero of Bladehold works nicely with Swiftfoot Boots since she gains Hexproof and Haste and can apply her Battlecry instantly.  Like I said, this deck has a angelic twist and what good is a angel deck without the Baneslayer Angel!  She's just there to hang out and watch the Knights do the work.

For my spells, it's really quite self-explanatory.  Honor of the Pure gives all my white creatures +1/1, Oblivion Ring exiles trouble cards and Swiftfoot Boots keeps the big hitters safe.  Brave the Elements also allows me to walk through creatures trying to block and gives me protection from any destruction cards.  Angelic Destiny is there for the angel-theme and when correctly played, can send a Mirran Crusader from good to amazing.

The sideboard is there to better protect myself from black and red and board aggro.  If my smaller and more elite army is overwhelmed, Day of Judgment is there to reset the field.  To be honest, there's a lot of options out there for white.  Another option can be to run Condemns, but I'd rather keep things simple and kill/exile everything I see.

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