Friday, June 10, 2011

Can you build competitive and fluffy?

Before we go too deep into the lines of soul-searching, let's lay down some definitions first.  For me, the word competitive means to play your best.  This means improving on your generalship, optimizing your army list and designing an well-tuned army. I tagged an assload of articles I wrote previously and labeled them as "recommended".  These articles speak of list synergy, threat application and cost effectiveness.  This is the type of knowledge that I apply when playing competitively.

Now what about fluffy?  Or better yet, my definition of fluff:  You build your army how the army was designed to be played.  Space Wolves should be seeking a glorious death in combat and Blood Angels should be charging into the fray.  This is the element of fluff that I'm talking about and this is what I design most of my army lists around.  My recent article on BoLS called "Remembering Who We Are" covers my thoughts on this much more vividly.

As you guys have noticed, my blog's pretty much a competitive blog with a thematic twist.  You'll never see any Razorfang or RB spam lists here; instead you'll see well-tuned army lists trying to make my creations work.  I see army list construction a game in itself, and I take great pride in kicking ass with an army spewed from my own creativity.

My current army lists:

Space Wolves
Wolf Lord w/ TH/SS, Saga of the Bear
Rune Priest w/ Chooser and WTN
3x 9x Grey Hunters w/ WG in Rhinos
7x Wolf Guard Terminators in a LRC
3x Predator w/ AC/LC

The Wolf Lord Lagnar and his companion Rune Priest is leading the Space Wolves into battle.  Three Grey Hunter squads in Rhinos will insure mid-field security while the Predators draw the enemies up close .  Once that happens, Lagnar and his entire retinue of Wolf Guard Terminators will charge into the fray and slay any opposition.  This tactic is known as the Wolf's Jaws.

Blood Angels
3x 10x ASM jumpers w/ Fist and Meltas
2x Sanguinary Priests w/ Jump Packs
3x Baal Preds w/ HB sponsons
3x Preds w/ AC/LC

Chief Librarian Mephiston is leading an expedition force of Blood Angels.  At the front of the assault is a spearhead of Baal Predators followed by long-range supporting fire from AC/LC Preds.  Despite having full access to the Chapter's Rhinos and Razorbacks, Mephiston and his battle-brothers choose to take the fight to their enemies in the way the Blood Angels know best:  Death from above.

Grey Knights
3x 10x GKSS in Rhinos w/ Psycannons and Psybolts
6x Paladins w/ Apothecary and 2x MC Psycannons
3x Rifleman Dreads w/ Psybolts

The Grey Knights strike at the heart of the enemy with devastating medium-range firepower while the Chapter's Dreadnoughts offer long-range support.  Having recently retro-fitted their armored brothers with Twin-linked Autocannons, Librarian Larrus is confident that the enemy will founder.  Should the battle go ill, Larrus and his retinue of Paladins will teleport to the battle directly and make swift work of any assailant.

Dark Eldar
2x Raiders w/ 5x Warriors
3x Raiders w/ 10x Wyches
3x Venoms w/ 3x Trueborn w/ Blasters
3x Ravagers w/ NS and FF

Asdrubael Vect has always been a warrior without peer.  His arrogance is so great, the mere thought of haemonculi "helping" his army disgusts him.  As Vect invades his target destination, he does it with the speed and precision that the Dark Kin is known for.  With a flash of utter darkness, nothing is left save for the burning wreckage of his foes.  As the darklights fade, so does the opponent's chances of victory.

Let's be fair now.  Do any of these lists looks WAAC and min-maxed for the Ard Boyz win?  They're fine-tuned, definitely, but aside from repetition that can be viewed as spam by some, I don't see any any uber powerful lists here.  My Space Wolves uphold their virtues in seeking a glorious death and my Blood Angels will charge head first into battle.  You might think that's a lot of AV13 armor, but shit, I pretty much coined the phrase 3/3 and I've been using variants of that list since day 1.

What do you guys think about my lists?  They're certainly not the lists you tend to see on other sites but you come here for tactical advice none the less.  I must be doing something right.

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