Friday, December 3, 2010

BR: 35pt eCaine vs. pGaspy

OK, a quick BR on a 35pt game of WM I played last night.  It was standard caster kill format with my eCaine list vs. Chad's pGaspy.  This game showcases the options offered in a Cygnar list and all the different tools a player can use to his disposal when fielding eCaine.  Even though the assassination run didn't go as planned, careful target priority on feat turn can still make for a devastating turn.

My army list:
Points: 35
Captain Allister Caine (*5pts)
* Ol' Rowdy (9pts)
* Squire (2pts)
Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team (4pts)
Lady Aiyana & Master Holt (4pts)
Rangers (5pts)
Captain Arlan Strangewayes (2pts)
* Defender (9pts)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (3pts)
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (1pts)
Stormsmith Stormcaller (1pts)

His army list:
pGaspy + Scarthrall
Full unit of Bane Thralls + UA
Spray Chicken
Small unit of Mechanothralls and Necrosurgeon

My first game back from many many long months of OT and boy, does it feel good to play again.

The gist of the game goes like this:

  • Caine casts True Shot on himself and enables him to see through stealth, camo and concealment.  He upkeeps this the entire game practically vs. Chad's stealthed dudes.
  • Turn 2 my turn is where the game actually began with the two forces ready to do battle.
  • Rangers run order into range and Lynch Fire beacons some Cryx dudes.  Ryan Magestorms and kills a bunch of dudes (Chad not rolling enough Tough), and Watts kills one himself.
  • Aiyana and Holt casts and shoots, but isn't very successful.
  • Eyriss disrupts the chicken on his side and the Defender puts heavy damage on it.
  • I forgot that Chad's dudes can just auto get up on his turn because of some special rule and Aiyana and Holt gets charged by angry Thralls and dies horribly.
  • Some combat also kills a Storm Smith.
  • His Seether moves up behind some of his remaining Thralls and his Warcaster sits behind the Seether.  His Cankerworm runs up to my right flank by the B13.
  • Eiyriss moves up and attempts to sap Iron Lich of all his focus and fails to hit (needing a 6).
  • The B13 mows down most of the remaining Bane Thralls and opens up a charge lane for Rowdy.
  • Rowdy charges the Seether, boosts to hit for crit KD and isn't able to.  He inflicts a good amount of damage on the Seether.
  • Rangers run into position for marked targets, doing else all game but redirect charge lanes and this.
  • At this time, I know the assassination isn't going to happen so I change my plans to something more acceptable.
  • Arlan PB's the Defender and the Defender aims and shoots at the Seether in combat.  He's essentially RAT10 with aiming bonus and Ranger's marking so his boost hits the 7s needed.  Arlan's JM bonus boosts the damage and the Seether takes another batch of damage.
  • Caine draws focus from the Squire, Reloads from Reinholdt, moves up slightly and shoots 9 shots with Feat up.  After only missing 1, I kill the Cankerworm, the Seether in combat, Bane Lord Tartersauce and the rest of his Bane Thralls.  Caine was RAT11 with the Ranger's marks.
  • Next turn, Chad's damaged chicken tries to arc stuff into Caine, just to run into Magestorm, takes POW12+10 and dies.
  • Chad kills the B13 with his Iron Lich, pops feat to get all his focus back.  His normal Thralls attack Eyriss and fail to kill her because of her DEF16.
  • The game is pretty much clean up from here with most of the Mechanothralls dying to Arlan's spray + Ranger's mark, Eyriss dying from a Mechanothrall after trying to move out of combat, and despite Iron Lich camping full focus, combined boosted damage shooting from the Defender, Caine and Ol'Rowdy wailing on him, he goes down.

Post-game thoughts:

  • Aiming and Rangers' mark allow most of the Cygnar army to shoot into combat without penalty.
  • Rangers are absolutely vital against high DEF armies because it allows all of you guys to shoot more reliably.  RAT11 Caine guarantees results.
  • If you don't have an assassination lined up, or the risk is too high, always go for the max amount of damage on his army instead.  Most people think Caine is just assassination and that's it.  As long as you do irrecoverable damage to the rest of his forces in any given turn, it's just as good.
  • After I knocked down the models in front of A&H, I thought I was safe from retaliation.  Too bad those Bane Thralls just got up right after and charged them.  That was bad play from me and they did not make their points back.  This just means that I have to know my opponent's units better and understand what they can or cannot do.


Mudified said...

Direct quote from the Cygnar book, Tremor last sentence: "This model can make a tremor special attack if it charges."

other then that good stuff, eCaine looks like a blast to play maybe after i am done with pNemo i will try him

HERO said...

Yeah... I have no idea how I missed that. I even read it a few times, I must of been really tired or crazy. Even so, eEyriss missing with the bolt made assassination on Iron Lich near impossible since he was camping full focus. I still stand by my decision to shoot other things. Thanks for pointing this out man! I could of sworn I remembered correctly hehe.

Anonymous said...

Overall I think pGaspy was not being used correctly. I think I was being overly cautious. I think I should have been using the skarlock and pGaspy to throw down a ton of LOS blocking clouds to help shield my advances. At least that's my current theory. Granted, it's hard to do with pGaspy Vs eGaspy, I still think it can be done.

Anonymous said...

Who's pGaspy? Is that some sort of shortened name for Asphyxious (ie, calling him "Gaspy" instead using the long term for shortness of breath)?

HERO said...

Yep, that's Asphyxious, the prime version.

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