Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WHFB: ETC vs. Swedish Comp?

I'm thinking about restarting Skaven.. someone stop me!

So recently, I've been doing some heavy research into comps for my local meta to play. While 2500 regular WHFB is on the table, we're looking for something else to introduce so we can have more balanced games of Warhammer.

I'm just trying to see what you fellas think is the better comp for balanced Warhammer here. I'm personally enjoying 2400 ETC Draft 2 myself, but a lot of the events on the West Coast is using Swedish and some people swear by it.

My biggest problem with Swedish I think is that a lot of the time, it feels like it comps "netlists" or popular lists really hard, not necessarily looking at power level. This, IMO, keeps it away from being balanced warhammer and rather, a popularity contest. An example that I can give is that one of my VC lists hovers at 6.4 while what I think is a weaker HE list, without BotWD comes in at 2.0. I don't even know what to make of this, considering that a tooled up Lv.4 Vampire Lord with LoV cost less than a Lv.4 Shadow Mage with Book. It just doesn't make sense to me sometimes.

For funsies, I plugged in my DE list, my DoC and my Skaven list into the system too. My Skaven is a -3.3 (ROFL), DE is a flat 0, and my DoC is a whopping 13.9 because its mono Slaanesh.  In terms of power level, based on what I have faced thus far (and I've played many games with these armies), I would say that my Skaven > DoC = VC > HE > DE in terms of power level, but the Swedish comp is DoC (13.9) > VC (6.4) > HE (2.0) > DE (0) > Skaven (-3.3).  This means that my second strongest army here, would be playing a relatively soft army by Swedish standards.

Can anyone with experience in these systems explain this phenomenon that I'm seeing?

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Elthinar said...

BOOO Skaven!... go back to high elves please! Now that they are no longer all bright/shiny/light goodie goodies...they should appeal more to you!

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