Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The 3 big things that WHFB 9th Ed. needs

Random Skaven Warlord here we go!

Honestly, I think 8th Ed. is a pretty good edition with all things considered.  The End Times stuff is just as good because of the 50% lords/heroes and the bigger models will let people better eat their points.  While these are good things for the game, they're not necessary for the next edition of Warhammer to be good.

Here is what I think 9th Ed. needs to be the most successful edition of Warhammer yet. Keep in mind I'm also doing this with the business in mind and the direction of the company from what I've seen so far.
  1. Simplified ruleset, mainly in the movement phase of the game e.g. Kings of War.
  2. Reduce barrier of entry for the game to be played e.g. scenarios designed for smaller games, horde units being less effective.
  3. Reduction in power for magic spells e.g. Purple Sun, Mindrazor, Dwellers Below.
When you think about it, there's not too much to improve. Stuff like laser cannons and the such while good, is not needed for the game to be successful. Reducing the barrier of entry, having a simpler ruleset (while still maintaining tactical gameplay), and generally making the game more fun, is what is needed.

The latest rumors on 9th suggests that a skirmish version of WHFB is coming, so maybe like Mordheim again, but WHFB will not be reduced to a skirmish game.  Phew.

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