Friday, April 17, 2015

LOL Eldar, is this real?

D everywhere.

Have you read all the Eldar rumors?  Good, because they are no longer rumors.

I'm on Warseer right now following the guy with the book.

This game has just jumped the shark, really.  I don't think I want to commit any more funds into this game for a while.  Thanks for the good times though.


NafNaf said...

Sigh! This sucks balls! I am a fluffy player and I dont like it. WTF GW? You give us orks and a crap DE codex and now THIS?????

archied said...

I really don't get how so many folks are okay with this so far.
The bikes alone are bad enough. And 'strength D in 7th is not that bad'!? Please. You're obviously an Eldar player already.
AND The knight getting gargantuan rules for just 50 points?

I've not made a GW purchase since a couple of vargheist boxes to fill out my grotesques when the coven book hit, and I won't be making any more, i'm honestly done. Been on the cusp since realising how naff 6th was. Im SO glad I sold all my regular Eldar before Christmas. If nothing else means I don't feel obliged to drop another THIRTY FIVE POUNDS to replace yet another rule book that's less than two years old.

Still, gotta reserve a little chuckle for all those folks who shouted down those of us who were disappointed with the dark eldar book by saying all codexes were being toned down to a similar level and Craftworlders would get the same soon, eh?

HERO said...

Yup, I'm really close to checking out. It's so completely obvious that the people over there at GW have no idea what they're doing. If 9th Ed. bombs, I'm selling everything minus a few models (to paint or something), and just sticking with FFG, Hawk, Spartan Games, PP, or basically any other company that's not completely insane as GW. Yes, insane, because that's what their behavior is: repeated results of the same caliber of bullshit and thinking it will give them a different result.

Tim Andresen said...

As someone who was considering getting back into Dark Eldar and playing 40k as a secondary game, what exactly is the problem? Spell it out for me.

Mind you, I haven't played since 4th ed. But I've keep up with this blog and your Dark Eldar posts really had me excited.

Pascalnz said...

so may things to knee jerk horribly about. just a reminder that the internet decreed grey knights were bad and that elder were bad before they realised what to do with them. Play some darned games first, with good terrain. D is mildly scary, but against an msu army or.. pretty much anything that isn't super elite, it does around about the same as str 10. I don't play elder, I play Ba and big yellow knights:). the D and the fire dragons are fairly scary for knights, but not for BA, the wind rider scatter spam, will die like bitches to drop pod spam or wyverns in IG.

Wierdly, wraith guard having strD could well stop people from wanting to run wraith knights, It looks a lot like the codex could turn the game into a much more infantry based meta again, huzzah!:)

HERO said...

I don't agree. I'm done with people saying "look and see what happens". I've been with the hobby for over a decade, have seen the rise and fall of many armies and editions and have yet to see a repeat of 7th Ed. WHFB Demons until now. This is it for me I think. I'm probably going to keep my Dark Eldar and liquidate the rest (Tyranids and Eldar).

HERO said...

I'll quote some stuff myself and others have said elsewhere:
"Because a book that was already considered really powerful and domineering has been improved even more. Not a little, but by a LOT.

Buff to formations, buff to specific units, points decreases, Wraithknight is now Gargantuan creature for 50 points more, all Distortion weapons are now D-weapons. Not to mention being unlimited Scatter Lasers on bikes.

For Blizzard, it would be like looking at the top decks in Hearthstone, seeing their win rate and metagame at being stagnant and all-powerful (with far above average win rates), and deciding to buff it even more."

"Its an odd book for a number of reasons. Up to this point, most of the books have been middling, with nothing too crazy or out of whack aside from Necrons.
Starting with Necrons, they added in a formation of formations type of organization (that was optional) but generally boasted very good benefits. Khorne Demonkin got it, but it was...shall we say, not nearly as impressive as Necrons.

These new Eldar, well, its like the injected LSD right into the heart of an already top-tier army with what I can only describe as the full knowledge and intent to make it better.

Its things like the new Jetbikes. Super fast, reasonably durable, and for a pittance of a cost pumps out more high strength firepower than...well, anything and its only exacerbated by the new organization (which allows them to, for a turn, reroll wounds with their 40 s6 shots).

D weapons have previously been relegated to Super Heavies since they are just so powerful, and even then most are close combat weapons. Now, every Wraith model in the book aside from the close combat variants (Wraithblades - which got better and cheaper) has ranged D weapons for no additional cost. Some of these bastards now have flamer- D weapons.

The aspects got a TON better. Swooping Hawks now haywire melee flyers with their 18" flight move.

The big vehicles now come in squadrons.

Its just a mess because of how blantantly powerful it is by itself, nevermind how it stands head and shoulders even above Necrons. Seriously, Necrons, as much as I hate them, got kicked in the knickers with a steel-toed spiked book. They get no reanimation from D weapons and they are everywhere in this book.

Its a fantastically cool book, if it wasn't so freaking powerful when compared to everyone else. "

archied said...

Its not just this book in solitary though. Its a combination of many things that have been building up.

Its that this is a £35 book replacing yet another book less than 2 years old.

Its that the previous Eldar book was actually good except for the fact that banshees were a non-choice and wave serpents were just too good. A wave serpent nerf errata would have opened up so many choices just using the old book. as people could start looking at swooping hawks, warp spiders, scorpions etc rather than just 'how many serpents can i get?'. But rather than doing that, they release a book to nerf the serpent slightly and improve what feels like pretty much everything else.

Its that, yet again, theyve stuck to what seemed to be a unified design philosophy for a few books before throwing it all out the window and changing it all up again. I'm sure Hero has fond memories of the vitriolic feedback he got for his dark eldar reviews of people telling him to stop whining because 'all the books are being brought in line'. That worked out spiffy, eh?

I do see where youre coming from, as you can find ways to combat this, but we shouldnt have to, and ive lost the will to try to. This is the tipping point for me, confirmation that theyre not going to get it right.
I'll keep playing occasionally within my group, as we're all of a similar mindset, but my purchasing days are over until they sort their shit out.

rathstar said...

It's also the fact that it appears very hard to make a toned down list, unless you do stuff like put storm guardians and the d-sythes (D weapon flamers) armed wraithguard on foot.

Even the with the old book, quite a few of the less used units were better than there counterparts in other books. I was considering going to the dark side and adding Eldar allies to my Dark Eldar ro help with anti-tank as Fire Dragons (22 pts) so outshone Trueborn with Blasters (26 pts) that it wasn't even funny.

With the nerf to the wave serpent (to be playable as a transport, not nerfed out of existance), while buffing all the units makes the book much stronger than the previous book.

What's worse is that the formations are really good, and can be taken on their own, so if my DE want an Avatar or Wraithknight the just take one with the formation that allows you to pick one. If I want a smattering of Aspect warriors I can take 5 Fire Dragons, 5 Warp Spiders & 5 Hawks in a formations that gives them +1 BS.

For raw firepower who can compete with jetbikes with scatter lasers. People used to complain about venoms (65 pts) now I can take 3 eldar jetbikes with scatter lasers (81 pts) and put out 12 str6 shots a turn from the same range as venoms. Jetbikes of ObjSec, faster top speed, and shooting wise apart from C'Tans, Talos, Wraithlords the jetbikes are equal if not better at shooting (Note: That venoms are not better against Wraithknights now that they are Gargantuan creatures)

Must remain calm and wait for the codex. I'm playing Infinity this Saturday, so at least I can console myself by reading more of my mate's paper rulebook (The rules themselves are available free to download), everytime I read another OMG they didn't moment in the Eldar codex.

It'll be interesting to see if the Eldar Autarch with wings can have a banshee mask (as it now prevents overwatch). I'dd him to a beastpack with 6 Krymerae and 6 Clawed Fiends in my vain attempt to a close combat DE list work :)


Dr Zaius said...

And what is worse...we, dark eldar players were too eager waiting a nerf on the serpent shield that we have missed that GW has released a new army only for fucking us. Skitarii units reduce our T to 2 so S4 weapons ignore FNP and the onager dunecrawler will kill any or our transports

bonesaww666 said...

I wouldn't say the Daemonkin book is "meh" I personally love it.

But comparatively speaking I wish there would have been a formation to reduce my BS and increase my WS and Attacks for Khorne...

Why the fuck do I still need shit clumsy Icons!?

Why, oh in the name of WHY is my LoS 888 points and the WK so fucking cheap!?

As a life long devotee to the dark gods this just hurts my feelings...

Well, back to Bolt Action I go...

Bal said...

You mean like facehuntard decks and the recent release of quick shot in black rock? Lol

Frank O'Donnell said...

What people seem to have missed is the fact that we don't play 40k any more as far as GW go but apoc.

Asta said...

- What about the nerfs to the serpent, which is now in par with other codex?
- The nerf to the holofield?
- GW made the horrible seerstar and beaststar disappear. Nerf
- Nerf to warp spiders.
- No more laser shots twinlinking everything.
Thats 5 nerfs already (that were needed and that balance the units)

Really, only the wraith formation is OP, mainly because the units of the formation are strong. Seer formation? good, aspect formation good, but thats it and not sure if its really that powerful.

Aspect warriors were weak, nobody was playing them, the buff they got is great to the point that banshees are almost playable.
The internal balance is so great that almost everything looks playable, fun and fluff to play.

The wraithknignt? is LOW, most tournaments/friendly games forbid these.

About the bike with heavy weapon spam.
Like some said they are counterable even if they are real strong unit of the codex higly mobile T4 3+ unit but also LD 8 and fearable, also really weak to CC...

About the force D, quoting another blog...:

"Let's start with the much-maligned Wraithknight and its pair of Heavy Wraithcannon. These were S10 AP2 with Instant Death on a 6. In other words, they were already:

Wounding everything on 2+
Always one-shotting T5 and lower
One-shotting T6+ on a 6 (except Gargantuans and Eternal Warriors)
Taking a HP automatically from AV10 and AV11
Taking a HP on a 2+ from the very common AV12
Taking a HP on a 3+ or 4+ against the rarer AV13 and AV14

With the change to D, the Heavy Wraithcannon is now:
Still wounding everything on a 2+
Still always one-shotting T5 and lower
Still one-shotting T6+ on a 6 (now including most Gargantuans and Eternal Warriors)
Taking D3 HP on a 2+ regardless of AV
One-shotting vehicles on a 6 (except the most expensive Super Heavies)
Ignoring cover and invulnerable saves on a 6

So there is really not that much difference, unless you're a Gargantuan or Super-Heavy, or have a high AV or Eternal Warrior. In other words, the Eldar's big-expensive-killy-thing is optimised to kill the big-expensive-killy-things of other races, and is likewise vulnerable mainly to those same big-expensive-killy-things (instead of Venoms)—so why all the internet hate? That seems pretty appropriate to me..."

archied said...

aspect warriors werent weak, they just usually got left out so cheaper options could be taken to max out on wave serpents.
i dont really see how spiders got nerfed overall.
and while the serpent did get nerfed, it dropping from insanely good to 'just' very good isnt much of a consolation given all the other buffs.

considering the primary content of this particular blog, it might be worth trying to view the 'not THAT bad' new eldar book through the prism of how it compares to the other 2 recent eldar faction books. in those terms, its nuts.

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