Monday, September 24, 2012

Chaos Dreams: Death Guard

Enlarge me.

Pretty lame title, I know, but as of right now, most of the upcoming CSM info has been released to the public.  Just in case you guys have been living under a rock the last couple of days, check it out here.

So what's the point of his post?  Well, I just wanted to think outloud and explore some options I have as a Death Guard player.  Now that I know the Plague Marines in the codex will be 24ppm, gain Plague Knives (4+ Poison) and keep everything else (-1 Ld I think, but gain the option to upgrade to Veteran), I think it's time to develop some lists.  Keep in mind that one of the most intriguing things int he upcoming codex is the fact that Typhus will be able to make Cultists Zombies.  I don't know the exact wording on the zombies yet, but if they count as scoring, things are going to be pretty disgusting.  They keep basic Cultist stats but gain FNP, Fearless and Slow and Purposeful.

Hmm.. what kind of army should I field?
Let's see..

For larger armies, I think I'll go with this:
Typhus w/ 7x Terminators, Mark of Nurgle, CbPlasma
Full unit of Cultist Zombies
3x-4x 7-man units of Death Guard, Plasma Guns, Power Fists
Epidemis, 7x Plaguebearers
1x 7-man unit of Havoc with ACs, manning a ADL/Quad-Gun, Mark of Nurgle
2x unit of Oblits, Mark of Nurgle (yes, they can take Marks!)

I don't like the new dragon looking dog mechanics, so the only new models I'll probably pick up is the plastic Raptors.  What do you guys think?


Muskie said...

I don't like the Nurgle All Stars build. I think allied special characters is an unlikely occurrence according to fluff and for it to be everyone's defacto Nurgle build seems less than creative... I wonder about your anti-air but maybe the Quad Gun is enough, in tournaments, buying your own terrain or allies may be restricted. For casual gaming maybe this army will triumph, but I don't think this will be a popular build to play against and with everyone and their dog talking about doing it, a counter may be developed and blogged about.

I plan on developing a more original strategy that doesn't rely on multiple special characters myself...

Adam Gati said...

Terminators should be 6 strong so that they are 7 in number when Typhus joins. Other than that, 35 cultists is a multiple of 7 so that works. Could also take a Nurgle sorcerer to try and get Biomancy power that grants FNP to terminators. Looks like a solid Nurgle-esque army.

HERO said...

Maybe I'll drop the Epidemis.. but I'm not going to shelf my FW Death Guard any longer!

Obergrot said...

same idea as Muskie. drop Epidemis and the army looks much better.
And since i have´nt seen the army: show pictures ;)

HERO said...
I think I'll wait for the second wave before I buy any of the existing boxes. I hear new plastic CSM, possible Termies and Havocs.

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