Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BR: BA vs. GK, SW vs. BA

Fun times to be had!
Well guys, no pictures, but I do have some hysterical fun times to tell you.  My friend took all the pictures so I'll probably just upload them later.  Don't worry, the BRs I'm going to share to you will be pretty epic.  First thing's first:  We played two games tonight, one with my Blood Angels vs. his Grey Knights, and then another with my Space Wolves vs. his Blood Angels.  Which one is more awesome?  I'll let you folks decide.

My list:
Librarian w/ JP, Sanguine Sword and Unleash Rage
3x 10x ASM w/ Fist/Infernus and 2x Meltaguns
5x Sanguinary Guard w/ CBanner and Fist
Chaplain w/ JP
2x Sanguinary Priests w/ JPs
3x AC/LC Predators

His list:
Librarian w/ MC Halberd, 3x Skulls
Sanctuary, Shrouding, Might and Vortex
10x Paladins, 4x Psycannons, BBanner, the works
5x Paladins, BBanner, 2x Psycannons
2x Rifledreads
Dreadknight w/ Heavy Incinerator, Teleporter

This one was capture objectives and table corners.  Everything but the Dreads were in DS.
  • The game started out pretty boring, a few Lascannon shots here and there from my Preds.  Opening volley immobilized both of his Dreads behind mid-level cover which gave him and me 4+ cover from any shots from his Dreads for the rest of the game.
  • I deployed everyone and everyone just hovered around my Preds and waited for his reinforcements to come in.  
  • His Dreadknight came down and flamed a bunch of dudes but didn't get much result out of that.  He was quickly assaulted by Dante's unit (10x ASM and a Chaplain), the Libby's unit and the Sanguinary Guard for an easy kill.
  • Next round his Draigo came in on the opposite side of my ASM; which shot the hell out of one of my Preds.  His other Dreads started to kick through my cover saves and disabled more of my Preds (rendering them immob/stunend).
  • Since I was far away from Draigo, I had to move the rest of my jumpers in ASAP.  Draigo was with the smaller squad, but it was still a deadly force to be reckoned with.  I got in closer to Draigo's unit with Dante's squad, ASM squad A, B and the Libby squad.  To successfully defeat Paladins in combat, BA's have to put their superior numbers into play.  Assaulting squads individually just means certain death.
  • To get into position, I sacrificed one of my Preds by boosting 18" and generating a smaller cover/gap for my jumpmans to move into.
  • This did not help me next turn as his giant squad of Paladins + Libby comes streaming down and inflicting 21 wounds onto my Libby squad.  Six marines go down through 3+s and FNPs but I was able to pass morale.  Draigo's squad destroys another Pred while his Rifles work on the last one.
  • I shoot Draigo's squad with my entire army before charging in.  Without the cover he needs from the terrain and the Libby to give him Shrouding, my metaguns kick in full force and drops 3 Paladins before I charge in with everything I got.  With the Deathmask of Sanguinius reducing Draigo down to 3 wounds, he takes another 2 from shooting (2 melta shots).  Down to his last wound, all of my guys hit that unit and kill Draigo before he can swing (I4 vs. my FC Sanguinary Guard).
  • My positioning and massacre roll helps to keep space between me and the giant Libby squad.  Paladins are hard as rock, but they're insanely slow once they reach the battlefield.  With a full jump pack army, I am able to negotiate the terrain around him and surround the remnants of his army.  His Psycannons drops a few marines from Dante's squad, but nothing can stay my wrath next turn.
  • I surround him with everyone and shoot him with everything I got.  Once the meltagun barrels cool, he has 5 Paladins left and his Libby down from a full squad.  The ones remain have Halberds.  I assault with everything I have and several Blood Angels die, but not before 4 Fists, Dante, the Chaplain and Sanguinary Guard clean up the rest of his army.
Let the meltas roar and the chainswords sing!

PRO TIP - Victory in numbers
BA jumpers vs. Paladins might seem like suicide at first, but you really need to determine which fights you can win and which fights to avoid.  Sending in units of BA into I6 Halberds could mean certain death, but all this depends on how many Paladins they have, how many wounds you can inflict beforehand, and how many units you have at your disposal.  Use your mobility and the terrain to negotiate victory on your terms.  Do not attack when you don't feel like you can win, and always use your superior maneuverability and numbers to overwhelm his forces.  Paladins are nigh immune to small arms fire, so it's up to the weight of your meltaguns and power fists to work his ranks.  To do this, you need bodies.  Many Blood Angels will die in the process, but their sacrifices will not be in vain.

This next game is pretty hysterical:

My list:
Rune Priest
3x 10x Grey Hunters in Rhinos, WG Fist/CbM, Melta, Banner, Wulfen
10x Grey Hunters w/ Arjac in LRC w/ MM/EA
2x AC/LC Preds

His list:
5x Honor Guard (assorted CC) in Storm Raven
3x 10x ASM w/ Fist/Infernus, 2x Meltaguns
2x Sanguinary Priests w/ JPs

Game was Kill Points and Dawn of War.
  • Typical of DoW, nothing happens first turn as we push models onto the table.
  • Second turn, I light up his Vindicator with my AC/LC Preds and I immobilized it and rip the gun off.  That is one sad Vindie.  His return fire from his Rifledread doesn't do anything.
  • His BAs fly towards the center of the table in unison while my Grey Hunters in RBs + the LRC moves up the middle to meet him.
  • With his BAs flying closer to me, Ragnar and his unit (10x GH w/ Arjac) rushes forward in the LRC and disembarks for some First Blood.  Arjac throws his hammer at someone's face, meltaguns goes off and bolt pistols were fired.  Some poor rolling from the BAs saw half the squad die and they fail their morale test.  They fly back 3d6 while the rest of my dudes are sitting out in open terrain in the middle of the map.  Awesome.
  • Next round, his cowardly squad decides they want another shot at Ragnar so they move up.  Everyone of his dudes moves up at this moment and the fireworks starts.  One of his squads blows up the LRC behind Ragnar and explodes it on a 6.  All of my dudes get caught in the explosion and so does 8 of his guys.  He saves all of his and two of my Grey Hunters go down.  Another one of his squads lights up a Rhino and explodes it as well.  The Grey Hunters inside fair a little better despite some insane wound rolls and only two die.  He says why not and assaults Ragnar and his unit.  Counter-attack goes off and Ragnar tears into 3 of them before the rest of the squad finishes off the rest of the unit.  Only 3 Grey Hunters die the process.
  • Here's the big turn.  Everyone's in the middle of the map and there's much blood to be had.  The Space Wolves decide it's time to show the Blood Angels how to properly assault.  Everyone disembarks from their Rhinos and get into charge range of the Angels.  Ragnar lets out a terrifying Wolf Howl and the entire Space Wolf army goes berserk.  After all shots are fired and a measly 2 BA die from meltas, Ragnar runs headfirst into the first unit of ASM with Wolf Standard on.  He killed 3 last round, has +2 attacks from his D3 attacks this turn, and 5 attacks base for a total of 10 attacks:  He misses with 1 and wounds with all.  Ragnar single-handily kills an entire squad of Blood Angels.  Next round, if anyone decides they want a piece, they will have to deal with Ragnar with 14 attacks.  With the help of Wolf Standard and a 12" bubble of Furious Charge, the other BA unit melts under the onslaught of 2 rabid Grey Hunter squads and the Wolves massacre closer to the immobilized Rifledread.
  • Long story short:  Arjac destroys the Dreadnought before dying to Mephiston and the Honor Guard that came down from the Storm Raven.  The SR blew up a Predator before getting destroyed by Grey Hunters afterwards.  Mephiston goes on to tear Ragnar's head off.  Mephiston goes down from being swamped by 2 squads of pissed off Grey Hunters w/ Wulfen and 2 hidden Fists.
Ragnar wolf howls his brothers into a killing frenzy.

PRO TIP - Tactical and flexible
Grey Hunters are best utilized in a supportive role in mid-field.  With their healthy array of upgrades, Counter-attack and mobility, Grey Hunters are the workhorse of the Space Wolf army.  Greys are best used in conjunction with other units; either more Greys or Wolf Guard Terminators.  The objective of the Space Wolf player would be baiting your opponent into likely targets and then springing the trap with sheer weight of fire.  There is nothing that 30+ Grey Hunters can't do in the right circumstances, so its up to you to determine when to use them.  Like the saying goes:  There is no such thing as overkill.

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