Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The latest GK rumors

From various sources, taken from the arrival of the GK Black Boxes from around the world:
  • Nemesis Force Sword is +1 to inv save if they already have one.
  • Nemesis Force Halberd is +2 to initative.
  • Nemesis force stave 2+ invun to close combat wounds.
  • Brotherhood Banner -25 points. +1 attack to unit, and all models in the unit automatically pass there pyschic test for there force weapon.
  • Interesting factoid -Psybolt Ammo gives +1 Strength to Stormbolters,Hurricane bolters,Heavy bolters, Auto Cannons and Assault cannons.
  • Warp Stabilization Field allows Librarian to transport vehicle using the Summoning Power. Servo Skulls act like mystics with extra goodies And Brain mines means affected unit cannot act that assault phase
  • Psycannon: S7 AP4 Assault 2, Heavy 4, Rending
  • Heavy Psycannon: S7 AP4 Large Blast Rending
  • Heavy Incinerator operates like the hellhound(+12")
  • Doomfist are basically Nemesis Dreadnought CCW(ie S10 powerfists)
  • Nemesis Greatsword is S6 but allows rerolls to hit and wound
  • DK Daemonhammer is S10 Thunderhammer
  • All nemesis weapons have daemonbane which basically ignores eternal warrior for daemons and psykers.
  • Psilencer? It's got: Range of 24" Strength 4 AP -Heavy 6 There's also the option for a Gatling Psilencer, which has the same stats excepts it's Heavy 12 A Psilencer always wounds Daemons on a roll of a 4+ unless the score required to wound would normally be less.
  • Psyk grenades has random abilities (waiting to hear more) Rad grenades are -1T Blind grenades are defensive

UPDATE: 10:33am PST, 3-8-11

The First wave has been confirmed!

Grey Knight Codex Softback – £17.50 RRP

Grey Knights Boxed 5 man Set -£20.50 RRp

Can be built as;

* A Grey Knight Squad
* Interceptor Squad (Can teleport 30″ once per game)
* Purgation Squad (Heavy Support can have psy-cannons, psilencer or incenerators. Have psyk-out grenades and can fire at targets the can not see due to Astral Aim.
* Purifier Squad (Elite Squad with 2 attacks and the cleansing flame psychic attack)

The Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight – £33 RRP

Grey Knight Terminators / Paladins – £27.70

(Paladins are two wounded ws5 terminators with apothecaries)

Lord Kaldor Draigo – £13.80 RRP

(HQ choice that makes Paladins troops and grants D3 universal special rules)

Castellan Crowe – £10.25

(Makes Purifier Squads Troops)

Jokaero Weaponsmith – £7.70 RRP

An awesome space monkey!

UPDATE: 1:53pm PST, 3-8-11

'm surprised pictures haven't leaked already - saw the pre-release sheet earlier.

While the models are all nicely done, especially the terminator command squad bits, they don't seem to have the WOW factor I was hoping for.

The Jokaero looks pretty small - goblin size, is hunched over and has a few tech/bionic bits, that almost look like a mechadendrite. At his price point he seems costly, like DE razor bird costly.

A lot of the models can come with paired swords, while nice, looks a bit funny.

A plaguebearer head impaled by a great sword and severed daemonette and bloodletter heads carried as options between the power armour and termi squads.

The only major aestheic changes are the Special weapons - they all have top handles for the most part, with often over sized ammo boxes etc, looks odd. The psycannon/psilencer? no sure which one? looks like a cross between the old version,and a grenade launcher with a vehicle stormbolter ammobox stuck on.

The biggest part that they seem lacking is with the helmets sadly. They also seem to be slightly 'off' almost like the homemade ones people make by filing down normal termi heads etc, like they've taken too much off and had no time to do a replacement - but again it's only my opinion.

Despite his fluff heresies the Draigo model is very nice, termi with ornate sword and very fancy and large stormshield (think FW blacktemplar shield size, if not slightly bigger)

The guy that has rending with no power weapon (:cuss???, only grey knight in the list like it as far as I know?) seems ok, but he suffers from brother captain stern style posing.

The Dreadknight while a nice and very lovely model - just does not fit the imperium of man or dare I say it even the grimdark world, far too smooth and none archaic looking, would look much better in a tau pr possibly necon army.

All the guys with hammers look great, and are holding them in lovely action poses.

The Terminators are the winners overall (it would be draigo, but his fluff marks him down ) - the Termi Apothecary bits are my personal fave. They have an impressive looking three barelled special weapon banners etc.

All the stormbolter arms look like they come open palm, closed fist, like the sanguinary guard.

The bare head for the termi captain they used somehow resembles a monkey, satyr horn or the conan style space wolf head, not a fan of it

Any questions feel free to ask.

The Teleport squad have perculiar little tesla coils that stick out of the backvents/vains.

The Termi's make both normal/paladin and cmd squd versions, and from looking at it the power armour guys come with all options, including the special/heavy weapons, though I am unsure if you need to buy more than one box to get a full unit armed with identical weapons.

UPDATE: 11:27pm PST, 3-8-11

what do the following pieces of wargear do:
-psychotroke grenades (Random abilities from 1- nothing to 6- models in unit make individual test and those that fail attack own unit first)
-orbital strike relay (basically same as space marine but more choices/options per turn used)
-daemonblade (random daemonic abilities)
-hellrifle (36" S6 AP4 rending Possibly Heavy1)
-condemnar boltgun (missed this one)
-null rod (and this)
-psyocculum (and this)
-scythian venom talon (+2 poisoned weapon that I think can attack owner)
-ulumeatni plasma syphon (unit firing plasma weapon/s at unit containing this are treated as BS1)

-orbital strike relay (basically same as space marine but more choices/options per turn used) 3 option, barrage, lance and psy-out
-hellrifle (36" S6 AP4 rending Possibly Heavy1) 36", str 6, ap 3 heavy 1 rending
-condemnar boltgun 25", str 5 Ap - ass 1, psi-shock
-null rod power weapon, unsaved wounds on a psyker inflicts instadeath, bearer and squad cannot be affected by psychic powers (friend or enemy)
-psyocculum BS 10 when shooting a psycher (assassin has one AFIK)


Unknown said...

Jokaero army led by Corteaz! :)

RotatingPanda said...

I'm still a little lost on two things and perhaps you can clarify, HERO.

1. All Grey Knights get power weapons. True/False?

2. All Grey Knights get force weapons. True/False?

HERO said...

All Grey Knights have Force Weapons and thus they all have power weapons.

David Padwick said...

I don't think knights should ignore the eternal warrior rule. Its one of the few advantages daemons have against them and they are decent enough already it would seem!

RotatingPanda said...

So, every dude in the army carries a force weapon and with a banner, they can auto-confirm it?

My trygons and tervigons are officially sad :(

Thanks for all the updates you've been posting, btw. Your blog is fantastic :D

CJ said...

force weapons equals Power weapon?

HERO said...

No, they both ignore armor saves but one of them blows up Trygons on a psyshic test. Check out the BRB for more info.

RotatingPanda said...

Rule book, p. 50. "They have the same effect as powers weapons, but also confer..."

Yup, they're power weapons. Meaning, against a trygon or tervigon, a squad only needs to get a single wound and, with the banner, the big scary monster is dead. Seems pretty feasible in a squad of 10 guys.

Unknown said...

We're all dead...

Oh well, at least I got used to getting my arse kicked back when I played Tau.

Anonymous said...

Nice of them to give us a 5 man PAGK squad at a price more then a Tactical squad price. I wonder if you will get several chest plate options, then you could combine whats left over with some regular Power armor or some Sang. Guard PA and build yourself some larger squads.

Valegorn said...

Hey Hero,

First, thanks for the continuing updates. You really are the first person I go too for 40k news/advice.

Unless it was previously confirmed and I just missed it, it sounds like both the GK power armor & the Termy armor box sets are in plastic? Also hopefully the Dreadknight?

Any other plastic kits, are there any metal ones? I know GW is trying like mad to shift from pewter to plastic, they've said they've been a slave to the crazy pewter prices for far too long.


HERO said...

Thanks for the kind words guys.
Yes, it's been confirmed that the PAGK and the GKT will be in plastic, so will the Dreadknight. As for metal, Draigo, Crowe and the space monkies will be metal.

Anonymous said...

so initiative 6 gk's? I'm sure eldar/dark eldar will rage about that, I can also see Ba's whine about that issue as well.
ignoring EW against daemons and psykers? Wow, I can see daemons raging about that. Not to mention, the banner thing is just wicked to use against MC 'Nid spam... I can't wait to see that Dreadknight in person, I know I'll be getting one.

Valegorn said...

About the whole EW thing,
As I understand it, (anybody can correct me if I'm wrong), but I thought the rulebook said Force weapons cause instant death, and eternal warrior gave a character immunity to instant death. Now the whole Force weapon STILL causing instant death on EW's thing was some kind of mix up with old codex's wording and the new 5th edition rule book, right?

As I see it, if you have eternal warrior and I have a force weapon in CCB with you, I shouldn't be able to instant death you, regardless of the conflict of wording. It seems to me that a big part of this game is not what we can get away with (ie loop holes), but the spirit of the game & using a bit of common sense. EW was obviously designed to protect certain characters from instant death, even that caused by force weapons.

Either way, it all comes down to who you play. I tend to lean more toward fair play and using logic when codex's and rule books from different editions collide. Once again if I'm missing some piece of information please feel free to link me something or fill me in.

This is just my humble opinion.


Anonymous said...

Wait wait wait... so the abominations of Draigo's fluff are actually true?

Anonymous said...


The cancelling of EW is only for Psykers and Daemons. Characters who are not Psykers or Daemons will still get EW.

Its pretty simple really

Anonymous said...

Stormbolters: DO they count as pistols? This makes a super huge difference.

Luke Darksun said...

nice work, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Who has written the codex?

Atreides said...

i am building my own Dreadknight so please could you tell me (if you know) whether the weapon upgrades replace the fists, or are in addition to them?

thanks for the info, great stuff!

Valegorn said...

Thank you for that clarification about the EW rule.

Anonymous said...

You know, the more I think about it the more I'm convinced that Grey Knights are Warhammer 40k's version of Jedi Knights. They have super cool melee weapons that cut through pretty much anything, they're all have some level of mind powers, and they're super hard to get into, and they're always fighting "the dark side" (ie chaos)

Its not a perfect comparison, from what I know about Jedi, they don't use guns, they don't wear armor, and everybody knows about the Jedi. Grey Knights are super secret. Although, if I ever saw the Jedi equivalent of a Dreadknight I'd crap myself. That thing would have to wield one huge light saber.

Anyways, I'm off to repent, comparing Star Wars to 40k is almost punishable by death.

Valegorn said...


Shun the none believer.


Th_crusade said...

what about ,mordrak ?

Is he still there, same ghost knights thingy? or has it changed?


Anonymous said...

Dear hero, thank you for the info, i assume you have had a glance at the finilized codex. may i ask how you came accross it please.

Destroyar0 said...

This one above is an Inquisitor, don't answer!!

Anonymous said...

Great news - it's wonderful to see it all compiled in one place.

What I'm curious about is whether Inquisitors (and Inquisitor special characters) get a 4+ invulnerable. I would think that they would, given the 5++ for the all the generic IG HQs and what other rumors of the GK codex have said, but I heard that the leaked codex (an early version apparently) didn't give Inquisitors access to an invulnerable save. That would be a shame, what with all their neat wargear options.

Does anyone know if Inquisitors will get (access to) an invulnerable save?



Sam... said...

Hey... You said that their is a Crowe and a Space monkey model... Any idea where we can see them..?!

HERO said...

No idea where Crowe or the Space Monkey is :)

Sam... said...

Apparently in the big main image on the blog in the middle on the right hand side is dude in a cape that is crowe.

BlkBeltMJK said...

I'm still curious about the storm bolters, do they in fact count as an additional CCW?

Anonymous said...

i am also wondering that, because if so then regular GKSS's wouldn't be so bad in cc.

HERO said...

They do NOT count as extra CCW.

Anonymous said...

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