Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FW models allowed in normal games?

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So I played a friend of mine yesterday and I decisively defeated his Blood Angels with my Dark Eldar at 1500 pts.  He tells me today he's going to take a LR Achilles in our next engagement and I said no way.  I was under the impression that FW models are unofficial and permission only (being mainly used in Apoc games) but he shows me his book and it reads:

This is the opening statement in the new IA books:
This unit is intended to be used in 'standard' games of Warhammer 40,000, within the usual limitations of Codex selection and force organisation charts.As with all our models these should be considered 'official', but owing to the fact they may be unknown to your opponent, it's best to make sure they are happy to play a game using Forge World models before you start. 

So I guess it's official now that you can use FW models in games of 40K?

I personally hate FW models.  Well, not the actual models themselves but the rules that come with them.  If you think GW rules are bad, I think FW rules are just outlandish.  The reason why is because they WANT to put something out that GW does not put out.  D-weapons, great.  Immune to melta/lance, great.  A drop pod that allows a Furioso to charge on the turn it lands, awesome.  In order to sell models that are 3x as expensive, the rules must own as much right.  I mean after all, how much are people willing to pay for proxies of a normal Land Raider?  They want something that can wreak havoc and make that 100 dollars well spent.  Thus, the rules are developed to go with them.

Anyone else feel this way?


Anonymous said...

Blood angels can't take a dread drop pod Ora land raider Achilles. Other chapters may.

Leonardo Martín said...

of course they try to push their "rules" and their 100 dollars models . But I will use this as an argument "...make sure they are happy to play a game using Forge World models before you start"
Well I am not happy ; so I ´ll play with out them or not play at all .

Unknown said...

That book is actually quite balanced. me am my crew has spend many a hour trying to break it to no avail (cept maybe the Caestus).

Plus they are legal at WargamesCon this year. So it begins....?

Aris Syllogidis said...

I really love FW models and rules, BUT:

It's official to use FW models with IA rules if you talk with your opponent and inform him about your intentions (not the army list). Then he will be aware and it is possible he also deploy something relevant. Otherwise it will be a surprise b@tchek!!!! Grey Knights/ Blood Angels with Lucius Pattern Drop Pods, and other power combos.

It isn't official to use FW models with IA rules for a Warhammer 40k tournament, except it is stated clearly from the organizers.

It is official to use a pretty FW model with GW (Games-Workshop) rules. Dreadnought Drop Pod etc.

and you do not need to find a secrete line with small letters to give, or not give the right to use FW models with IA rules. Why? CAUSE IT IS A GAME AND THE GAME IS MADE FOR FUN AND ONLY! Right? ;)

Anonymous said...

9 manticore batteries for 900 points. What can beat that.....

Unknown said...

I think Forge World adds a much needed element to games of 40K. The element of unexpectedness. When I see someone pull out a Krieg army, I get excited, because I know next to nothing about the army being put down. I don't know exactly how the game is going to play out from turn 1 on. It's the same when a new codex comes out.

I played a space Wolves player the other night, with my Jump Pack BA army. As soon as he deployed his mech, wall, I knew the first moves he would make, the targets he would shoot, and what targets I needed to kill in order to win the game by turn 2. (Which I did.)

There is nothing surprising in games of 40K outside of new release.

Forge World models and armies add interesting twists to the game. Yeah, the Achilles seems like broken shit, but its 325 points. And it doesn't have the Assault Vehicle rule, and its transport capacity is small. It pays for a lot and it's hard to kill, maybe that will shake up missile launcher spam. S9 ois suddenly valuable again.

As for the Drop Pods, There are ways to minimize their effects, if you think, just like regular drop pods. Strength D belongs in Apoc. Most of the other options in the book are no where near as bad as people seem to make them out to be, for almost 3/4ths the cost of a Land Raider I get a really cool Contemptor, but he still dies to the same things that kill Predators and Barges. (he can't take the Lucius Drop Pods)

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