Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grey Knights Project Log

Battle Plan:
Build 30 PAGK
Build 10 Paladins
Build 2 GK Heroes (GM and Libby)
Paint said models
Maybe base said models.. if I don't feel like killing myself at that point

Projected timeline - 1 week assembly time, 2 weeks painting time

Still got those Terminators lying around.  Played some Warmachine today and I'm making a BR for them right now.

Cleaned up all the Terminator parts and they're ready for assembly tomorrow.  Taking it pretty slow with these guys because I want them perfect.

It's friday night!  I glued 7 Terminator legs to their bases and put together some torsos.  I also filed down some Halberds and got some stuff ready to go to make my standard 7x Paladin squad.

Not doing a damn thing tonight, I'm tired.

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